Article Guidelines

Outdoorz.Life is thrilled to publish stories and articles that inspire and motivate people to enjoy and protect our natural resources

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Below are a few guidelines for articles to be considered:

  • Word count: suggested word count is 500 – 1500. This is a target, a good story is a good story and will be published if under or over this count.
  • Format: Writers can attach a file or send their story in the body of an email.
  • Pictures: Are encouraged and should be attached to the email submission.
  • Originality: all content should be original. If some content is used from another source, the source should be clearly noted.
  • Quality: while we are not expecting Ernest Hemingway to submit an article (he had his time and, for that we are grateful), we are expecting that you did your best to proofread and edit your story.
  • Content: keep it clean, classy and suitable for children. Seriously, when was the last time you heard a moose use foul language?
  • OutdoorZ.Life reserves the right to publish or refuse to publish anything.
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