Suzanne Simmons


Suzanne is a home-school mom emeritus and active volunteer for local non-profits.  She grew up on and around water but developed into a more well-rounded outdoors girl when she married her nature-loving husband, and he proceeded to instill that same love into their kids.   Suzanne shares her mountainside yard with deer, turkey, and other feathered friends, the occasional bear or fox, as well as some undesirable and unwelcome reptiles (at least that’s her opinion of them). 

Her hiking, paddling, and exploring are primarily focused east of the Mississippi River, from Maine to Florida with many spots in-between.  But she’s been lucky enough to experience adventures in a few Caribbean locations and recently spent time in Arizona marveling at the beauty of the red rocks of Sedona and the vastness of the Grand Canyon from vantage points only a trail offers.  Suzanne’s favorite outdoor pursuits, though, are simply gardening (until one of those unwelcome reptiles appears) and beachcombing. 

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