Outdoorzy is a mindset. Would you rather have dirty boots on a trail than clean shoes inside? Do you like hiking, kayaking, backpacking, canoeing, camping, or climbing? Mabye you enjoy them all! Maybe you like being out in all different types of weather. Answering yes to any of these means that you are outdoorzy. If so, then click here to start your next outdoorzy adventure….or keep reading below.

Hiking is Outdoorzy

Hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It’s also a great way to get some exercise. Hiking can be done almost anywhere, and there are hiking trails of all different lengths and difficulty levels. Whether you’re looking for a short hike near your home or an ambitious trek up a mountain, you can find what you’re looking for. Hiking is also a great activity to do with friends or family. You can make new memories and bond with loved ones while getting some fresh air and exercise. So next time you’re looking for something to do, why not go for a hike? You might just end up falling in love with it….if so, you are Outdoorzy!  Click here to JUMP to the HIKING page!


Outdoorzy folks enjoy kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking is a great way to be outdoorzy. It’s also a great workout, whether you’re kayaking on a lake, river, or ocean. You can kayak by yourself or with a group. Kayaking is a way to get outside and enjoy nature. You can go kayaking on your own or with a group.  Kayaking is also a great way to relax and explore new areas.  Click here to JUMP to the KAYAKING page!

Canoeing is a neat way to enjoy nature and get some exercise. Canoes are relatively easy to paddle, and they provide a great workout for your arms and even your legs. Canoeing is also an incredible way to explore rivers and lakes, and it’s a great activity for families or groups of friends. If you’re looking for a fun and active way to spend a day, canoeing is definitely worth considering…and outdoorzy people love canoeing! Click here to JUMP to the CANOEING page!

Canoe on a lake

Places for Outdoorzy people

Where to outdoorzy folks go for fun, recreation, and vacation? Typically, they pick places like National Parks, State Parks, Local Parks, Preserves, waterways, and hiking trails. Click here to JUMP to the PLACES page for outdoorz adventure!

Outdoorzy and over 50?

Folks over 50 can really be outdoorzy! Many have more outdoorz experience, have some time for hobbies, and are looking or a way to enjoy their time on a planet filled with natural wonders. Click here to JUMP to the OVER 50 page for outdoorz adventure!

People over 50 hiking

Outdoorzy or Outdoorsy?

Does it really matter? We tend to favor OutdoorZy since we Live Life OutdoorZ! Also, Outdoorsy is a website where you can rent out your RV or rent one for a trip. Either way, if you are OutdoorZ, its your lucky day! Click here to JUMP to the OUTDOORZ page!

Are you looking for outdoorsy things to do? With a little imagination and planning, you can have a successful and safe outdoorsy adventure.  Click here to JUMP to the OUTDOORSY things to do page!

For additional hiking tips and information, visit the American Hiking Society.

For canoe and kayak information, visit the American Canoe Association.

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