OutdoorZ Writing Tips

Almost everyone has or wants to have an outdoorz story. Memorable vistas, a challenging hike, a beautiful river, or a kayaking outing all provide inspiring memories. Thinking of your first trail run, a solo hike, or another accomplishment brings a smile to your face. These events can motivate and inspire others. Below are some writing tips to help you write about your outdoorz adventures:

  • Know your objective:
    • A good objective puts your reader first.
    • How can you provide help? Think “how to” lists or explanations that provide assistance.
    • How can you inspire? Encouragement in the form of “if I can do it, you can” can inspire others to try something new.
  • Understand what makes quality content:
    • Ann Handley, in her book Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content says that quality content has three components:
      • Utility: help people do something.
      • Inspiration: can come from creativity or data…or both.
      • Empathy: view the world through your reader’s eyes.
  • How to structure an article or post:
    • A great headline: this can be created before or after your article is written.
    • A compelling idea(s).
    • A story about the idea that is meaningful to you.
    • An ending that tells what you learned or how you were changed.
  • Refining a draft:
    • Write, edit, rest…and edit again. Always sleep on a draft and take a fresh look another day.
    • Reading your article aloud helps to hear how it will sound to others.
    • Find someone who can provide feedback.
    • Use spell check.
    • Sign-Up for a free Grammarly account and run your article through the online software.
  • Take a risk and publish:
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