2020 National Trails Day – Hiking in a local park

2020 National Trails Day, an American Hiking Society creation, didn’t disappoint. Leading up to the annual event, my wife and I were able to re-mark a local trail. Yesterday, I completed a trail-run at our township’s local park. And today we were able to get out twice. My wife and I completed a trail-run this morning at a neighboring township’s local park, and we returned after lunch with family for a hike.

2020 National Trails Day - Man hiking with his dog
A hiker and his dog on 2020 National Trails Day.

We meet many nice people on trails. Research has shown that getting outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. Based on the people we meet, we would have to agree. Many of our fellow hikers had their dogs today. All dogs were leashed, well-behaved, and appeared to be enjoying their time on the trail. One dog did lay down unannounced in the shade, which forced their “pack leader” to take a break.

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Woman hiking with her dog
A hiker and her dog on 2020 National Trails Day.

On our 2020 National Trails Day hike, we met a nice young lady who drove almost an hour to enjoy the park that is right up the road from us. We shared the location of one of our favorite hiking and kayaking places nearby before we parted ways. It’s fun to meet neighbors and folks from out of town on hiking trails.

Last year, we met a solo hiker in Yosemite on a trail up to Sentinel Dome. After asking him a question about the trail, we started talking about where each of us was from. We learned that he was from Jacksonville Beach, FL. After mentioning that our family spent Easter week in Jacksonville Beach two years in a row, we discovered that we attended Easter service in the church that he attends. New Jersey meets Florida in Yosemite on a hiking trail and we find out we attended the same church service two years in a row. What are the odds?

On our 2020 National Trails Day hike, we didn’t see much wildlife but did find a turtle crossing the trail and viewed many Tree Swallows that claimed a series of Bluebird boxes for their homes.

A Tree Swallow in a Bluebird Box taken on 2020 National Trails Day

2020 National Trails Day pictures.

Flowers next to a trail.

By Charlie & Susan Anderson.

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