Canoeing Tips for Beginners – Time to Paddle!

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If you’ve decided to try out canoeing, you’re in for some excitement! Canoeing is a great form of exercise, a fantastic way to get fresh air, and best of all, lots of fun. But before you can start truly enjoying yourself, you need to properly prepare. Here are tips for canoeing beginners that help make you a master in no time.

Canoeing Tips for Beginners

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1.    Canoeing Beginners Start with a Plan

As an amateur canoer, you’ll want to make sure that you’re canoeing in safe waters – so make sure you can see the shore at all times. If you paddle too far, you’re likely to get lost or run into conditions that are more than your novice paddling skills can take. So, before you pack up your canoe and gear, plan your route. For your first excursion, you probably don’t want to wander too far from your home. A park that’s easily accessible and has lots of maps with in-depth visitor information is ideal for safety and convenience.


2.    Dress to Get Wet

It may sound obvious, but no matter how careful you are or even how experienced you are, you’re going to get wet while you canoe. Because of this, it’s a good idea to wear synthetic or wool clothing instead of cotton. If you’re really serious about your canoeing endeavors, buy some sturdy rain gear to wear on the water. Bringing a dry bag will also give you a safe spot to keep your phone and wallet.


3.    Canoeing Beginners Rent Instead of Purchase

If you’re not an avid canoer yet, it’s best to start small. Buying everything can get expensive, so instead, rent your gear as a canoeing beginner before you decide to invest. This can also help you determine your preferences as far as the size and type of canoe you get. You should be able to rent your gear at any popular canoeing site.

Canoe on a lake

4.    Wear Plenty of Sun Protection

Odds are if it’s canoeing weather, you’re at risk of getting a sunburn. Sun damage is no joke! Make sure before you go out on the canoe that you pack on the SPF. Don’t forget to also bring some extra with you to re-apply as needed. A wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses will offer you even more protection from the sun’s harsh rays reflecting off the water.


5.    Canoeing Beginners Practice Entering Their Canoe

Before you actually get on the water, you should practice getting in and out of your canoe. It’s harder than you might think! You will want to put your first foot in the center of the canoe and shift your weight by grasping the sides of the boat while also placing your other foot in the canoe. There are some different techniques for entering and exiting depending on your starting point. Try looking up some videos and practicing them until you get the hang of it.


6.    Mind Your Rowing Rhythm

When you’re in a tandem canoe, there are some additional considerations. First of all, it’s important that the two of you are paddling on opposite sides of the canoe. This will maximize your boat’s stability.

Man paddling a canoe

You should also try your best to paddle to the same rhythm as one another. Whoever’s in the front of the canoe should be responsible for determining the pace and the paddler in the back should follow.


Before you know it, you will be canoeing with the best of them! Just continue practicing and make sure that with every trip you follow these essential canoeing tips for beginners.


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