Restocking wolves on Isle Royale

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This is a very interesting article about an infrequently visited National Park (Isle Royale), biodiversity within a species, and the cultural significance society gives to one species over another.  Click on this link to read:  Restocking wolves on Isle Royale

by Charlie Anderson

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2 thoughts on “Restocking wolves on Isle Royale”

  1. Richard Guenther

    In my mind this situation is more about restoring a balance that was thrown off by human’s introducing a disease. I hiked Isle Royale in Sept 2018 and the moose population was great to see. But the population has clearly exploded and best to do this naturally by re-introducing a predator.

    1. Agreed…reintroducing natural, keystone predators is an important part of ecosystem balance. I bet your time in Isle Royale was unforgettable!

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