6 Continents, 6 Marathons…in 6 Days!

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How many people have visited 6 continents? How many people have completed 6 marathons? How about accomplishing both of those in 6 days?

Joe Gagnon did it and wrote the book, Living the High Performance Life: An Ordinary Joe’s Guide to the Extraordinary.


“Everyone on this planet has a similar opportunity to achieve personal goals, far beyond their own wildest dreams. If we are truly earnest and ask the pivotal question: Why not go for it? It becomes more challenging to come up with reasons to do nothing.”

I met Joe in his early days as CEO of Exit 41. After our first meeting, it was clear that Joe was smart, creative, enthusiastic, and an all-around good guy. When I heard about his “6-Continent Challenge”, I purchased this book and placed it in my reading line up. I just finished reading it and was encouraged by his story and motivated by his insights.

It was fun to read about the border control agent, in the middle of Joe’s 6-Continent adventure, thinking that he was “not a criminal, he’s just crazy.” Joe goes on to explain that “today its South Africa, and I’m halfway into a week that would eventually tally 37,500 miles, 59 hours of flying, 157 miles / 24 hours of running, a mere 13 hours of sleep, six continents, six days, hundreds of supporters and a constant state of motion.” It’s tiring just to type those words…

Joe’s book inspires each reader to reach for the extraordinary in their own lives. It’s good to remember “that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and every mile I cross is another reason to feel good.”

Read the book!

By Charlie Anderson.

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