2019 Autumn Trail Run

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It’s Autumn! Chlorophyll is breaking down which causes leaves to lose their green color and reveal a mix of yellow and orange. Cooler breezes caress leaves still clinging to trees which make seasonal music. All that is needed is to find a trail meandering through autumn’s splendor and to get outdoors. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to spend a beautiful autumn day outdoors in a magical place?

A picture of autumn Water Lillies on Lake Lacawac
Autumn Water Lillies on Lake Lacawac

Why a trail run?

Entering a trail race is a fun way to get outdoors, enjoy autumn, and to complete an accomplishment that has so many health benefits. One neat thing about a trail run is that you don’t actually have to run. Trail races encourage runners, joggers, hikers, and walkers to participate. I often chose a mix of jogging and hiking depending on the terrain. Either way, a trail run is a great way to enjoy (and hopefully preserve) wild places.

Picture of a runner in Lacawac's Lake to Lake 8K Trail Race
Running to win.

Lacawac Sanctuary’s 6th Annual Lake to Lake 8K Trail Run

OutdoorZ.Life is thrilled to sponsor this year’s Lake to Lake 8K Trail Run at Lacawac Sanctuary in Northeast Pennsylvania. On October 20th, folks from all over the region will converge on a natural sanctuary that contains a pristine glacial lake, miles of trails through a protected forest, and wildlife. Each participant will be supporting a non-profit organization that focuses on research, education and preservation.

A picture of walkers in Lacawac's Lake to Lake Trail Run
Walkers are welcome!

If you are in the area, you can still sign up at: https://www.lacawac.org/lake-to-lake-8k-trail-run.html.

By Charlie Anderson

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