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The Great Virtual Everest Climb

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can virtually climb Mt. Everest and eat Twinkies at the summit! What is a virtual Everest climb? Covid-19, social distancing, and heat advisories are good reasons to consider adding indoor stair climbing to your fitness routine. Climbing a flight of stairs is healthy, builds global camaraderie, and supports a …

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You can Complete a 5K!

Reading Time: 3 minutes So, you don’t think of yourself as a runner? Maybe you stopped running years ago. Perhaps you are carrying some extra weight. Maybe you have bad knees. Perhaps…well, you get the point. Many of us are not “runners,” but we still seek the benefits of running (or jogging, or walking). …

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Plein Air Breathing

Reading Time: 6 minutes I pressed my face against the vents of my high-powered HEPA and carbon air filter to block out fumes of asphalt, laundry and paint. Wzzzzz Wzzzzz the filter whirled, calming my nerves as my lungs fought for air. Uhhggghhh, Uhhhgghhh. After swallowing my third double dose of Benadryl that night, …

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Guaranteed 10k Personal Best

Reading Time: 6 minutes Despite being a little overweight, out of shape, and limping through airports on business trips due to knee pain; I had a desire to run a 10k trail race. How did these circumstances align with that goal? Just like a car whose tires are out of alignment, adjustments and modifications …

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