5 simple steps to complete your first 5K

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A 5K race is attainable for most people.

5 Simple steps to complete your first 5K:

  1. Set your goal…you have to want it. Put a 5K on your calendar with enough time to prepare and sign-up.
  2. Walk 3 miles…or work up to walking 3 miles. The good news is that as soon as you can walk 3 miles, you can complete a 5K (3.107 miles to be exact).
  3. Accept that walking or a mix of walking and jogging are good options to complete your 5K. Once you can walk a 5K, just jog some of the distance and keep increasing the amount of jogging.
  4. Only focus on your personal best. Finishing last is still better than another day on the couch! If you are competitive, record your times and try to beat them at the next race.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishment…and then enter another 5K. Keep up the momentum!

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1 comment on “5 simple steps to complete your first 5K

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